Born and raised in Motor City, Dr. Schultz is one of the late Harvey and Dorothee Schultz's three children. His younger sister, Carole, is analyst for the Department of Defense, and his brother Edward, is a Chiropractor in Fayetteville, NC. After high school, where he was a member of the football and basketball teams, he attended Wayne State University and majored in marketing.

In his early twenties, Dr. Schultz was involved in a severe motorcycle accident. He underwent conventional medical treatment for a period of two years, yet despite the efforts of his physicians and physical therapists, his condition persisted. On the advice of a family member, he sought out the care of a chiropractor, who not only corrected his problem, but changed his life. Inspired, he left his current job and returned to school and received his Doctor of Chiropractic Degree from Logan College in Chesterfield, MO in December of 1980.

Dr. Schultz has over 30 years experience. He started practicing in St. Joseph, MI in 1980, and moved to the South with his family in search of warmer climates and a break from shoveling snow in 1983. He started out in Lumberton, NC and a few years later moved his practice to Elizabethtown. In 1998, he was joined by Dr. Danny Ellis, who was both a fellow hunter and sometimes a tutor on what exactly constitutes barbecue. Together, they opened offices in St. Pauls and Whiteville.

Dr. Schultz is delighted to be relocating his practice to Pinehurst; in addition to being an avid hunter and sportsman, he's an enthusiastic golfer, though he will admit his ambition outstrips his ability in the area. The town is an environment well suited for improvement, however, as well as a favorite place or his grandchildren to visit. He has nine grandchildren who all love golf cart rides with their Granddad, and will swear to anyone that their g-pop is a "crazy driver." His wife Martha teaches nursing at Sandhills Community College and wields a mean green thumb. She is also the reigning Bejeweled champion of the family and defends her throne with vigor. Both Dr. Schultz and Martha are active in the community and like to take advantage of everything Pinehurst has to offer.

Over the course of his thirty-plus years of practice, Dr. Schultz has done regular and substantial postgraduate studies; Impulse and Activator adjust methods, which utilize and instrument rather than hands; Applied Kinesiology, which is a technique treating the body nutritionally; and most recently has done extensive work in Active Release Technique, which is a cutting edge biomechanics muscular technique utilized by golfers and athletes and is the modality of choice working in an official capacity at Ironman events. He is an accomplished Gonstead adjuster, which is a "hands-on" technique.

Above all, Dr. Schultz genuinely enjoys patient interaction and making people feel better.

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